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what is article submission in seo

What is Article Submission in Seo?

What is Article Submission in SEO

Article Submission in SEO refers to the combination of different articles that are essential for the online marketing and business. In other words, it also means writing contents which are important for the particular business of yours and then adding those content in various article submission sites or directories. The main reason for article submission is attracting traffic to your blog or website without spending a huge amount of money. But you have to make sure that the articles that you submit in those online directories properly match with the genre that you are involved in.

And if you do not want to spend much time on writing articles, then there are a large number of writers available online who will provide you quality writing that is SEO optimized and you can even get those content in a reasonable cost. Not only this, the writers research the best topic for your website for generating traffic. When you hire them, they will create quality content and then they will submit in the well-known article submission directories which will help in giving powerful backlinks to the website that you own. In this article, we are also going to share the importance of article submission directories for your online business.

Importance of Article Submission


It is obvious that article submission is relevant to the growth of a website. This is because it helps in entering under the search engine optimization framework. Now if you have a target to rank your website in the top of the search results, backlinking plays the crucial role here.

If you are a beginner and you don’t have enough money to spend on article submission. There are various free Article Submission Sites which are extremely helpful to create backlinks for your websites. Each and every link is considered as a point but you have to make sure that the articles that you submit must have a good rank. Here we have listed down some of the benefits of article submission in SEO:


Importance of Article-Submission


  • Article submission helps in creating backlinks for the blogs and websites.
  • Article submission also helps in promoting the brand of your website. In other words, it helps in creating brand awareness.
  • It also helps in getting connected for your blog by the keywords that you have used.
  • And of course, the main point which you probably know is that it generates a huge number of visitors to the website.
  • It also ranks your websites in the search engine results.
  • Marketing is the main part of the business whether it is online or offline. And article submission is the main part of backlinking.
  • As the article submission has become popular nowadays. It helps in advertising your brand name which results in attracting traffic.
  • Lastly, HELP IN SEO is the life of a website and article submission helps you in achieving this target.


So, these are the main benefits of article submission. We have covered almost everything in this article. It needs the patience to generate traffic and the result which you will be getting at the end will be fruitful.

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