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What Are The latest Digital Marketing Trends?

Digital marketing is an ever evolving domain. The tactics which may have worked wonders for you a few days ago may prove to be futile at present. In order to survive and grow in a highly competitive market, you will need to have a clear idea of the latest digital marketing trends. The tricks which you may have adopted yesterday mail fail to guarantee the results you might be looking for. Therefore, you need to have a clear idea of the latest trends in the field of digital marketing. Some of these trends are discussed below for your reference:-

Big data

Big Data marketing apps comprise market and customer insight as well as predictive analytics. Volume, velocity, and variety, which is the 3Vs of Big Data show why it is a major trend which is selected by numerous people who have witnessed a boost in volume, data formats and real-time data in their business and intend to exploit the value for boosting sales by personalizing their websites and through email marketing & predictive analytics. It is also closely related to machine learning in which Big Data is mined in order to identify propensity to convert given various customer behavior and characteristics.

Marketing automation (this includes web personalization, behavioral email marketing, and CRM)

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As in the case of content marketing, marketing automation has been one of the top trends over the last 5 years. Many businesses still have the ability to enhance their automation as per recent studies. Some of the most common questions which business owners are faced with include where should they start from and how can they go to the next level. You can get these answers in the email marketing and marketing automation toolkit offered by experts in this field. As your business moves up the learning curve, you will need to ensure that many functions of your business process are automated. You will have to feature content through the use of predictive analytics.

Social Media Optimization (this includes Social CRM and Social Customer Care)

Social media is something which almost everyone has a deep interest in because of its vast reach and options for engaging audiences and encourage advocacy in order to provide full treatment. If you go by the recent social media research statistics, you will find continued growth in the use of social media as a whole. But some social networks have witnessed a reduction in popularity in a number of countries. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are declining in a number of western countries but Pinterest, Instagram and, Snapchat are still witnessing growth in terms of the total number of users.

The trends in social media optimization are often influenced by efforts of social networks to monetize as has been the case with Instagram and Facebook which have made a number number of changes in such a way that businesses will have to pay for playing in order to get the desired reach in order to have an impact. They have made innovations in both targeting as well as remarketing options.

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