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Top Affiliate Marketing Interview Question Answer

Top Affiliate Marketing Interview Question Answer

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Top Affiliate Marketing Interview Question Answer

Question 11.Which is not affiliate marketing company?

1. CJ
2. Amazon
3. Flipkart
4. Indian Railway


Question 12.We used Affiliate Marketing with Google Adsense? Yes or No

1. Yes
2. No


Question 13. Explain Affiliate Marketing?

Answer : Affiliate Marketing is derived from the concept of revenue sharing. Here the affiliate partner advertises a product or service on his website/ blog for some percentage of profit. This type of marketing is also known as performance -based marketing.


Question 14. Why Is Affiliate Marketing Considered By Marketers?

Answer : Affiliate marketing is considered by marketers because it gives them the ability to connect with the global audience. It offers larger coverage. This advertising channel is also less expensive as one has to pay only when the agreed action has taken place. The brand is advertised for free.

Sale of a product, getting registrations through the affiliate partner’s website could be some of the agreed action. This kind of marketing is said to generate a steady income and doesn’t need you to be an expert in marketing.


Question 15. What Are Native Shopping Ads By Amazon?

Answer : Native Shopping Ads is a very creative form of advertising the products sold by Amazon on its affiliates websites. These products are highly relevant to users search and are presented in a creatively designed ad units which are responsive in They can be placed at the end of the content or somewhere in between.


Question 16. What Are The Various Types Of Links You Can Create Under Amazon Associate Program?

Answer : Under Amazon Associate Program, you can create simple text links, Image and text link, banners etc.


Question 17. What Do You Know About Amazon Associate Program?

Answer : Amazon Associate Program is an affiliate program run by Amazon. It was started in the year 1996. Under this program you need to advertise products sold by Amazon and link to them. This could be in the form of a product review, more information about the product etc. When a user clicks from your website, reaches the products page on Amazon’s website and buys it, you get a percentage of the money earned through sales.


Question 18. Is Affiliate Marketing And Referral Marketing One And The Same?

Answer : Affiliate Marketing and Referral Marketing are often considered same. But there is a slight difference between the two.

Both use an affiliate website or a third person to make sales. In Affiliate marketing, the money you make motivates you to drives sales whereas personal relations and trust are the motivational factors that drive sales in referral marketing.


Question 19. What Do You Understand About Scrubbing Leads In Affiliate Marketing?

Answer : Scrubbing Leads is a practice where you ask the affiliate not to promote the service or product of the owner anymore. This is usually done when the affiliate is not getting the desired leads and is not performing well.

The affiliate may misrepresent the product or service, or communicate poorly about the service, or simply promote the product poorly which might harm the owner’s reputation.


Question 20. What Do You Know About Shaving Leads In Affiliate Marketing?

Answer : Shaving leads is a practice where some of the leads sent by the affiliate are discarded or not considered in the final calculations. This could be owing to the poor quality of leads, breaking the rules or may also arise due to the unethical behavior of the master in the affiliate relationship.

If the commission is not paid or reduced without any notice or no explainable reason, it is unethical.Sometime, in order to limit the affiliate’s earnings, once a certain number of leads are reached the company shaves off the affiliate’s id.


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Top Affiliate Marketing Interview Question Answer
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