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Google Analytics Certification Questions Answers

Google Analytics Certification Questions Answers 2018

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Question: 21: Which of the following features allows you to join the data generated by your offline business systems with the online data collected by Google Analytics?


a) Custom dimensions
b) Goal tracking
c) Data import
d) Custom channel groupings



Question: 22: You can adjust the report sample size in Google Analytics by:

a) adjusting the session timeout control
b) adding a segment to your report
c) any of these actions will adjust the sample size
d) adjusting a control in the reporting interface



Question: 23: Which report would you use to determine the percent of your site traffic that has already been to your site before?

a) Behavior – New vs returning report
b) Behavior – Frequency & Recency report
c) Interests – Affinity categories report
d) All traffic – Referrals report
e) Ecommerce – Sales performance report



Question: 24: True or False: If a user views one page of a website, completes an Event on this page, and then leaves the site, this session will be counted as a bounce in Google Analytics.

True: A session is considered a “bounce” if the user views one page of the site and then leaves.
False: Because there was more than one interaction hit in the session (pageview hit and event hit) this session would not be considered a bounce.



Question: 25: What analysis tool would you use to analyze the behaviour of new customers vs. returning customers on your website?


a) Real Time reporting
b) Segmentation
c) View filters
d) Multi-channel funnels




Question: 26: Which of the following reporting dimensions would be useful to reference if you were rebuilding a website to improve accessibility?

a) Browser
b) All of these dimensions
c) Device Category
d) Language
e) None of these dimensions



Question: 27: Using filters, you can _____


a) exclude data from a view
b) change how the data looks in your reports
c) All of these answers apply
d) include data in a view



Question: 28: Which of the following are measures of traffic volume?

a) Visits
b) Bounce Rate
c) Margin
d) Time on Site



Question: 29: You want a second view of your data where you only see traffic to a specific subdirectory. What is the best way to set this up?


a) Create a second Google Analytics account, and apply the new tracking code to the pages in the subdirectory
b) Create a duplicate view and add a filter: Select “Include only traffic to a subdirectory” from the Filter Type drop down, and specify the subdirectory
c) Create a new web property and add the new tracking code to the pages on the subdirectory


Question: 30: Which of the following would be most useful in measuring how many days passed between the first visit to a site and the eventual conversion?

a) Path Length
b) Time Lag
c) Conversion Value
d) Top Conversion Paths
e) Assisted/Last Interaction Conversions


Question: 31: Which of the following technologies on your site influence how you implement Analytics? Select all that apply.

a) responsive web design
b) query string parameters
c) All answers are correct
d) Flash and AJAX events
e) server redirects



Question: 32: Which of the following attribution models would be useful for evaluating ads and campaigns that are designed to create initial awareness about a brand?


a) First Interaction model
b) Linear model
c) Last Non-Direct Click model
d) Last Interaction Model



Question: 33: You want to know whether button X is clicked more often than button Y? Which of the following would be more useful?

a) Intelligence
b) Events
c) Annotations
d) Real-Time



Question: 34: Which of the following should you NOT collect with the Google Analytics commerce JavaScript?


a) product SKU(s)
b) credit card number
c) billing city
d) tax amount
e) purchase amount



Question: 35: Which of the following techniques would you use to exclude rows with fewer than 10 visits from a report table?


a) Use a pivot table with two dimensions
b) Apply a table filter
c) Add a primary dimension
d) Add a secondary dimension
e) Sort the table by sessions from highest to lowest



Question: 36: Your company has a website and a mobile app, and you want to track each separately in Google Analytics. How should you structure your account(s)?


a) one account, one property, one view
b) one account, no properties, two views
c) one account, two properties, two views
d) one account, one property, no views



Question: 37: For each user who comes to your site, Google Analytics automatically captures which of the following Traffic Source dimensions.

a) Source, medium, campaign and Ad content
b) Source and Medium
c) Campaign and Ad Content
d) Campaign and medium



Question: 38: Google Analytics can recognize returning users:


a) Google Analytics cannot recognize returning users on any device
b) on websites, IOS mobile apps, Android mobile apps
c) on websites only
d) on websites, Android mobile apps



Question: 39: Which of the following are dimensions?

a) Screen resolution
b) Bounce rate
c) Region
d) % new visits



Question: 40: You need to immediately need to find out whether people are viewing the new content that you just added today. Which of the following would be most useful?

a) Annotations
b) Real-Time
c) Intelligence Alert
d) Secondary Dimensions


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Google Analytics Certification Questions Answers 2018
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